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Propolinse Mouth Wash

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Propolinse Mouth Wash Mouth Wash Oral Care
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Look at the eyes, you can feel the dirt mouth washings!

Dirt in your mouth and breath, brush teeth and merely included leaving proteins and other materials is one of the causes.
The Pro pollins tends to solidify the protein remains in your mouth, visibly dirty rinse Swish, how about controlling devices, so you can see
With your mouth you can see at a glance!
Exhilaration one feels different from visible dirt in your mouth!

Wash your mouth well

Because the mouth rinse (mouthwash) firmly preventing bad breath and mouth wash! Lost only 20-30 s rinse your mouth, smell and cum nebatsuki, breathe in refreshing!

How to use Pro pollins

Dosage exhale from 10-15 ml (half CAP) containing mouth rinse for 20-30 seconds.
Black substance that stains proteins.
Understand the condition of your mouth, depending on how dirty note brushing and gargling.

Active ingredient-tea leaves x propolis

Merely blended Pro pollins Camellia Sinensis leaf extract is in the mouth and teeth of hardened protein stains such as leave, so
Dirt after I rinsed swish of the oral situation you can see at a glance!
It's also substance to prevent the invasion of bacteria from the outside, when bees make nests at the entrance of the nest painting propolis.
So Pro pollins is formulated with propolis extract to cleanse your mouth than the exhilaration!
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